Innovation at the Heart of Traditions

Key Action System for Pipe Organ

The NovelOrg key action system is « proportional », it offers this remarkable feature: the subtle finger movements of the organist must be conveyed accurately to the pallet, just as they are with the classic mechanical system. The organist must maintain absolute control of the instrument, thus drawing attention to the artistry of the performance, which itself reflects the musician’s personality.

The result of an unprecedented research and development effort to materialize the new concept, the NovelOrg system is far superior to anything currently available on the market. The high performance technical and artistic results come with several undeniable economic advantages.

The NovelOrg System : Modularity-Simplicity-Reliability

Here are some of the possibilities offered by the NovelOrg system :

  • Significantly increases the tonal possibilities of the organ.
  • Simplifying the process of building new organs with windchests.
  • Adding a remote console to an existing mechanical organ.
  • Adding any type of coupling to a mechanical organ, without constraints.
  • Supporting the traditional mechanism, thereby making the manuals lighter, much like the Barker machine.
  • Restoring historical organs while preserving the existing mechanism and tonal quality.
  • Widening pipe use from the manuals and chest extensions to obtain additional tonal divisions.

Intelligent Magnet (Serial Network Connection)


Since we have integrated a computer in the background of the pipe organ, the organ control system is therefore programmable. All this opens the way for innovations that can lead to new and unknown possibilities for the pipe organ. Without changing its profound nature, it is now possible to modernize it and allow it to ensure greater sustainability.

The organ console is the link between the organist and the heart of the instrument as the keyboard is the user interface of a computer. With NovelOrg, it is possible to couple keyboards without changing the weight of the action, to change the order of the keyboards, to add new musical functionalities.

The addition of new functions to the instrument will allow greater flexibility, both for the organist in the performance of new musical compositions, and for the organ builder in the production and maintenance of the instrument. One only has to think of the different types of « linked and free » couplings, the different « sostenuto », « , the separation of keyboards for « shared keyboards », the « shared stops » or any functions requested by the organists. In short, keep the best of both worlds: uncompromising sound and technology for music and its performers.

First Demonstration on a five stop organ by the inventor Pierre Pelletier


With the installation of the new first generation NovelOrg proportional action system on the Martin Pasi organ of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Houston (inaugurated in 2010) and the Grenzing organ at Paris Radio France (inaugurated in 2016), a turning point has been reached in the history of organ building: a new generation of organs with digitally assisted action in addition to traditional mechanical action.

Pasi Organ Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral Houston, Texas, USA

Grenzing Organ, maison de la radio, Paris Radio France

Demonstration of the NovelOrg System on the Pasi Organ Houston

Presented by Martin Pasi Organ Builder

Keyboard Synchronizing of the mechanical Action and the NovelOrg Action

Presented by Mark Bombough Organist


You are Musician

  1. New generation of more flexible and more efficient organs that respect tradition.
  2. Allows the organist all musical nuances true to his touch.
  3. Great fidelity to the attack and the release of the keys.
  4. Sound faithful to the original mechanical action by proportional assistance.
  5. New coupling possibilities in an organ.
  6. Allows for the simplified addition of a remote console.
  7. Maintained flexibility of keyboards.
  8. Fixed and mobile consoles that can be played simultaneously.
  9. Transparency in the renovation of an organ.
  10. Keyboards and pedal keys adjusted at each start.
  11. New flexibility for modern music.
  12. Lightweight and adjustable couplings for each keyboard.
  13. Flexible keyboard inversion and configuration.
  14. Full recording and reproduction possible.

You are Organ Builder

  1. Optimized use of big pipes in the creation of new stops.
  2. Sharing pipes common to different stops.
  3. Modular system optimized for the general configuration of an organ.
  4. Perfect synchronization with mechanical action.
  5. Reduction of labour and maintenance and simplification of construction.
  6. Substantial reduction in wiring.
  7. Increased reliability through the use of gold-plated and factory-prefabricated connectors that facilitate the manufacture and maintenance of the organ.
  8. Greater architectural freedom in the layout of box springs and consoles.
  9. Minimum space required for organ buffets and consoles.
  10. Maintaining the traditional harmonization of pipes.
  11. Silent electromagnets allowing installation outside or inside box springs.
  12. “Plug and Play” type connection which simplifies installation and maintenance.
  13. Option to add to the existing mechanical action or to replace mechanical action which preserves the nature of the instrument and increases the tonal possibilities of the instrument.
  14. Manufacturing and restoration simplified by the modularity of the system.
  15. Simplified installation and management by network connection of electromagnets.
  16. Integrated control of networked intelligent electromagnets, exclusive and patented system.
  17. New possibilities for adding without constraint the number of couplings to an existing mechanical organ.
  18. Simplified addition of a remote console to a mechanical organ during manufacturing or restoration.
  19. Imperceptible system response time, less than 15 milliseconds.
  20. Automatic and manual calibration of electromagnets.
  21. Storage and maintenance of the electromagnet calibration parameters.
  22. Perfect synchronization with mechanical action.
  23. Self-compensation of the keyboards adjustment each time the organ is started.
  24. Increased speed of ON-OFF valves through independent adjustment of opening and closing points.
  25. User manual included with the purchase of the NovelOrg system in support of the organ builder for assembly, adjustment and maintenance.

You Own

  1. New generation of more flexible and more efficient organs that respect tradition.
  2. Adding functionality to existing organs.
  3. Simplified restoration and preservation of the tonal quality of the instrument.
  4. Reduction of labour costs and maintenance requirements.
  5. Increased reliability of the organ.
  6. Additional possibilities of the instrument for ancient and modern music.
  7. Minimum space for buffets and organ consoles.
  8. Plug and Play connection which simplifies installation and maintenance.
  9. Increased durability with the use of gold-plated and factory-prefabricated connectors.
  10. New possibilities for adding the number of couplings without constraint to a mechanical organ in restoration.
  11. Simplified addition of a remote console to a new mechanical organ or in restoration.
  12. Fixed and mobile consoles that can be played simultaneously.


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